FYC Educational Services are made available through the virtual and/or in-person formats. All sessions are made by appointment only and are planned for each week with some flexibility in scheduling. We provide a variety of services to students in grades (4-12) who are struggling in school academically, or are struggling with emotional and/or social issues that interfere with successful learning and the student's feelings of self-worth while at school. We provide three areas of Service Delivery: 1) INSTRUCTIONAL & TUTORIAL SERVICES *grade placement assessments *progress monitoring *individualized intervention *small group instruction 2) EDUCATION, LEARNING and STUDY SKILLS *executive functioning skills *problem solving skills *transition/life skills *coping/stress skills 3) AFTER SCHOOL SERVICES *social skills training *emotional regulation skills All services are delivered by dedicated, experienced professionals in the disciplines of Special Education and Social Work


INSTRUCTIONAL & TUTORIAL SERVICES: Educational Assessments in reading & math along with progress monitoring in reading & math will help in pinpointing academic needs and strengths. Tutoring in these academic areas (phonics, reading, vocabulary, writing, and basic math) will enhance the student's knowledge and information skills. This will build student confidence in self and academic performance. EDUCATION, LEARNING, and STUDY SKILLS: Individual or small learning groups that target skill areas that interfere with learning such as executive functioning, coping & problem solving. Students learn how to use tools and strategies to help them be more successful as self-managers in classroom settings and organizers of classwork responsibilities. AFTER SCHOOL SERVICES: students who struggle with self-confidence, making friends, emotional sensitivity, and asking for academic support will be engaged in individual or small group learning that teaches social and emotional regulation skills that will enhance inclusionary opportunities for students in classroom settings.


Students in grades (1-8) who are in need of academic support, outside of their school day to help them remember, recall, and have knowledge, and information for classroom engagement, VIRTUAL SUPPORT SERVICES are here and available to you!!

Summer Support Services

Academic and Social Skill Learning Services are available for struggling learners in grades (4-12) year-round! If you are interested in learning more about our services, please reach out through an email message to one of the following contact email addresses: zbrownston@yahoo.com Jholistichealth28@gmail.com yogurtgirl2@aol.com or call and leave a message at (513)596-3375.

 "Favor Your Child Educational Services" offers after school, education, learning, study, and tutorial intervention services. Our services are available to students in grades (4-12). Our services are targeted at struggling student learners with and without disabilities. 
Services are provided in a virtual or in-person setting by experienced and licensed and providers.
Our team of providers includes Dannon Payne, a licensed Social Worker and Chemical Dependency Counselor lll who works with students aged (3-18) years of age who may be struggling with social/emotional, behavioral, and/or developmental disabilities. All of these issues affect daily living so I work diligently to help students develop skills with strategies that they can use for successful life living while in school and life after graduation. I provide multiple techniques along with psychoeducation to support student learners. Some of the services I provide to student learners include executive functioning, problem-solving, mindfulness, distress tolerance/coping, meditation, and educational support. 

Another team provider is Ruth Ellis, a certified Intervention and Reading Specialist with over (25) years of professional educator experience. I work with students in grades (4-12) with and without disabilities who are struggling in their learner environments. I enjoy providing students with academic, organization, and transition skills support so that they can be successful during their school age years and then life beyond high school. I provide educational assessments, IEP goals support, instructional intervention with progress monitoring tailored to meet the needs of individual students. My goal for each student I work with is to help the student embrace the best version of him/herself so that he/she can be the best designer of his/her life journey while at school, and in the communities at large. 

Pamela Jenkins is another team provider who is a licensed Social Worker, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Health Coach and Certified Yoga Instructor. My mission is to assist students in managing stress and promote wellness utilizing wholistic forms of therapeutic practice. I have been a practitioner for over twenty-five years. And over the last fifteen years not only have I worked with adults, but I focused my work on students in grades (4-12).
​​​Currently, I am working middle school aged students (11-15 years) who have the diagnosis of (ADHD) attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. I am working with students to help them improve their executive functioning and social skills as well as improve upon their anxiety coping skills. I also work with students helping them to define goals and achieve them along with teaching them strategies and new habits for more success in their daily lives at school and in life after graduation. Lastly, I teach students working memory, self-control, mental flexibility, task completion, emotional control, and time management.  

  • Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
  • All Sessions are made by appointment only

Please share with me your question and/or your concern, the best ways to contact you, and the best days and times to contact you! Thank you very much and I look forward to reading your message!!